Welcome to our land of Eversmile!
Keep on smiling!
Smiling Mininon named 'Horny'

Eversmile from Dungeon Keeper the game by Bullfrong Productions
The Land of Eversmile from a PC game called Dungeon Keeper

Why did we select this domain name?  Two reasons:
  1. First, it's a positive name and we try to be postive people.  We're not Dentists, though we have had offers by them to purchase it.
  1. Second, it's a nice double entendre inspired from a great little game called Dungeon Keeper which turns the tables on normal dungeon computer games in which you go into the dungeon with your party of happy little adventures and lay waste to the creatures within.  But in this game you ARE the dungeon keeper.  And those creatures are your beloved creations. How dare some humans come in to spoil your home and maim your children!  So... As the keeper you are forced to take matters into your own hands and lay waste to several of the human cities.   Your first victim... The Land of Eversmile.
In the game, Eversmile is described as "A happy place, in which the only problems the townsfolk face is aching facial muscles from smiling too much!"

May your facial muscles ache from smiling too much!